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"For the large crowd that gathered at The Hollow, it was apparent all left the night satiated."

- Michael Hallisey (Spot518)
(in reference to The LateShift)


"It goes without saying, this is great music to listen to in the wee hours. Full of youthful energy and swagger...

and the group sure has a knack for melody."

- David Malachowski (Metroland)

The Alt Weekly 2018 Readers Poll

Voted Top 3 BEST BAND
Voted Top 3 BEST INDIE

Anchor 5



Origin:  Albany, NY


Genres:  Rock, Pop Rock, Alternative


Years Active:  2012- Present




Rooted in rock, blooming in melodious consonance


The LateShift can be described as a blend of soulful melodies moved by riff-driven rock. By combining elements of old school rock & roll and modern pop, these guys have a distinct sound that is not to be missed. Together, this four-piece power quartet bring their talents to the stage creating an act not only pleasing to the ear but exciting to watch. It is always good vibes, good music and good times when you're with The LateShift.



Management: Scott Somerville |





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